ShoreTel 13.1 General Release SKU 29144

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ShoreTel has released software 13.1 (General Release) SKU-29144

New Features and Changes

  • ShoreTel Conferencing for iOS
  • File-Based Music on Hold
  • Quality of Service Enhancements
  • Call Detail Record Reports Enhancements
  • Installer Enhancements
  • ShoreTel Mobility Support


Before everyone gets upgrade happy, there are some serious changes with ShoreTel 13.1.

ShoreWare Director server MUST upgrade the OS to Windows 2008 Server. Windows 2003 server OS is no longer supported with 13.

You can have and mixture of Windows 2008 server OS 32 or 64 bit between the DVS and ShoreWare Director servers.


Any customer running on ShoreTel software 10.x and below MUST upgrade to ShoreTel 11 Build 16.5.8506 or higher first.

Failure to do so prior to upgrading to 13 will result in loss of FTP communications between Director and the SG switches…!

ShoreTel 11 and greater introduce the support for the Uboot version to support the new communications ports.


Besides the server OS upgrade, there are big changes on the Communicator client side.

ShoreTel by default, no longer installs TAPI/CSIS and has now gone to CAS. Clients running any third party TAPI applications will require manual installation of TAPI client software in order to continue their 3rd party applications.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking has changed in order to comply with RFC 3264 supporting (SDP) Session Description Protocol.

Also switch resources are now affected with the introduction of SIP Media Proxy, each SIP Media Proxy consumes (5) IP resources from the ShoreGear switch.

All ½ U switches will support the SIP Media Proxy. The SG-24A does NOT. With a maximum of 20 SIP Media Proxies per and ShoreGear switch.

SG-220T1, 220T1A, and T1K can also support the SIP Media Proxy with a maximum of 20 SIP proxies.

The above T1 switches consume ALL of the digital T1 ports, it’s a check box that selects all or none


With the new SIP Media Proxy, SIP trunking now supports the following ShoreTel features:



Also new SIP Trunk Profiles are available for certain carriers, which now supports SIP registration.

This now detects when SIP trunks are not responding (or down) and allows for alternative routing to PRI or CO resources.


ShoreTel Communicator

ShoreTel Communicator only supports Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010. Outlook 2003 and below are no longer supported.

This is due to the change in utilizing CAS instead of TAPI/CSIC for client OS interaction with Communicator.


I will be providing more information about ShoreTel 13.

Any customers that requires upgrading to ShoreTel 13.1 must be reviewed with Operations prior to proposing.

There are major service effecting changes that have to be considered prior to upgrading a client to ShoreTel 13.1

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