ShoreTel Call Control Feature – Silent Coach

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ShoreTel Call Control Feature – Silent Coach

The Call Control feature Silent Coach was added in ShoreTel release 9.1.

Silent Coach is a client feature that lets a user (the initiator) intervene in another user’s active call and communicate with that user (the recipient). The initiator can speak to the recipient and listen to all other call participants on the call. The recipient is the only call

participant that can hear the initiator.

The right to use Silent Coach is set by the system administrator. The system administrator also specifies the users (recipients) whose calls the initiator can monitor. A Telephony Class of Service assigns Silent Coach rights. Silent Coach can be initiated through various ShoreTel IP Phone models or through ShoreTel Communicator.

NOTE: Silent Coach is not available on SIP extensions or over SIP phones trunks.

Operational Behaviors of the Silent Coach Feature

The following are details about Silent Coach Behavior:

• Silent Coach lets the initiator switch between Silent Monitor, Barge In, and Silent Coach functions for the same call.

• Silent Coach sessions can be initiated through ShoreTel IP Phone or ShoreTel Communicator programmable buttons, ShoreTel Communicator menu options, and star code calls from other calling devices.

• The initiator of a Silent Coach session can change the session to a Silent Monitor or Barge In session. Silent Monitor sessions can be changed into a Silent Coach sessions.

• The recipient can place the original call on hold to engage in a two-way conversation with the Silent Coach initiator. At the end of this conversation, the user can resume or terminate the original call.

• Silent Coach cannot be initiated with users who are on conference calls.

• A call with an active Silent Coach session cannot be transferred or converted to a conference call.

• The recipient cannot record calls while Silent Coach is active.

NOTE: The following devices do not support session transitions, coach consulting, and coach resumption.

• Analog phones

• IP110

• IP210

Silent Coach access is controlled through Telephony CoS settings. Permissions for monitoring calls or having calls monitored are configured through the Silent Monitor / Silent Coach option on the Telephony Class of Service Edit panel.

Silent Coach is normally used for Workgroup Supervisors to monitor Workgroup Agents.

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