ShoreTel Software 13 (Controlled Release)

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ShoreTel 13 Controlled Release

With ShoreTel 13, Instant Messaging (IM) becomes a standard feature for all users on the ShoreTel system by way of the Communicator desktop UC client.

ST 13 also introduces support for SIP based H.264 third party video endpoints.

ShoreTel continues to invest in SIP as an enabler for cost effective and flexible UC solutions and ShoreTel 13 offers a new SIP trunking solution that is fully featured and highly secure.

ShoreTel 13 continues to deliver on the unique ShoreTel value proposition, which offers a UC solution that is easier to use by extending and leveraging user interfaces that customers are already familiar with. This yields a better user experience and lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by minimizing the need for additional training.

ShoreTel is embracing open standards (SIP, XMPP and H.264 video) and is working closely with video partners to provide integration between room systems and Communicator. In ShoreTel 13 this starts off with LifeSize video integration.

ShoreTel 13 also delivers Instant Messaging capabilities to all Communicator users, as well as enterprise ready SIP trunking. Communicator for Windows is now faster and even simpler to use and comes with tighter integration to Microsoft Outlook.

Last but not least, ShoreTel conferencing is now even more streamlined and includes an audio only conference option.

ShoreTel Server and Client Upgrade Paths

  • single-step from 11 to 13
  • single-step from 11.1 to 13
  • single-step from 11.2 to 13
  • single-step from 12 to 13


• IM capability now a standard feature of all versions of the Communicator client

• Interoperability with LifeSize video endpoints

• ShoreTel Communicator: Support for Microsoft Lync as an IM back-end server

• Enterprise ready SIP trunking

• ShoreTel conferencing enhancements


With ShoreTel 13, Instant Messaging (IM) becomes a standard feature for all users on the ShoreTel system by way of the Communicator desktop UC client.

IM is currently supported on ShoreTel Communicator for Windows. All users will have access to the Contact Viewer within Communicator. The Contact Viewer allows

adding your favorite IM contact but also your favorite phone numbers. To utilize IM, you will need to deploy an IM server on the back-end (either ShoreTel Instant Messaging Service or Microsoft Lync). You will also be able to see presence within Microsoft Outlook.


ShoreTel Communicator for Windows can establish a video session with LifeSize room systems, in a point to point fashion using SIP/H.264. By calling into a Lifesize device with an embedded MCU, it can also participate in a multi-party video session. The media path is peer-to-peer for both video and audio streams.

Support for Microsoft Lync

In ShoreTel 13 ShoreTel Communicator supports Microsoft Lync as an IM back-end server option.

Enterprise ready SIP trunking

ShoreTel 13 introduces an enhanced SIP trunk interface for the ShoreTel UC solution. SIP trunks now offer full feature parity with PRI trunks including silent monitoring and call recording.

Enhanced trunk diagnostics are also available making it easy to detect trunks going out of service and enabling advanced troubleshooting.

A new voice switch resource type is introduced: the SIP Media Proxy.

This resource type is available on the following voice switches only:

ShoreGear Model 30, 30BRI, 50, 50V, 90, 90V, 90BRIV, T1k, E1k, 220T1, 220T1A or 220E1.

Each of these models offers different capacities of SIP media proxies.

ShoreTel conferencing enhancements

Optimized synchronization with Outlook 2007/2010

ShoreTel 13 provides optimized integration with Exchange Servers to keep ShoreTel Conferences up to date when they are scheduled by users in Outlook and subsequently changed in OWA or on Mobile phones.

Enforcement of scheduled conferences

ShoreTel 13 allows participants to join a conference before the host is present. The conference starts when the host joins at the scheduled time. Additionally the scheduled end of a conference session is also enforced should the host does not join the conference.

Desktop recording playback

User can download both audio and application share recordings to their personal computer.

ShoreTel Conferencing: simpler Java Plug-in

The new Java Plug-in resembles the ShoreTel Presenter for Windows. It looks slimmer and simpler and offers the pause/ play and pointer functionalities.

Simpler user interfaces for audio-only conferencing users

If ShoreTel Conferencing is not licensed for web sharing, a simplified UI will be presented that is focused on an audio only experience.

Support for G.729

The ShoreTel Audio Conferencing services support an additional codec: G.729. The SA-100 supports up to 50 G.729 calls.

Please see ShoreTel website for further details.

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