The Basics of Email Security

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The Hidden Danger in your IN BOX

Email drives businesses around the world, with millions of messages exchanged daily. Unfortunately, it’s also the easiest path to your company’s sensitive data. Rising cyber security threats through automated penetration bots mean even the smallest of businesses are at risk.

Did You Know?

  • 90% of Cyberattacks Begin in Your Inbox
  • 94% of Malware Threats Originate from Emails
  • 61% of Ransomware Attacks are Initiated in Your Inbox

Do You Phish?

Phishing is a tactic used to trick people through deceptive emails to steal sensitive data. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book for cybercriminals— and they are continuously evolving their tactics, making today’s email environment increasingly challenging to navigate. Fortunately, email security solutions help by scanning emails for suspicious content and educating users to recognize and avoid phishing attempts.

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

As our online networks grow and digital transactions become more prevalent, so do cyberthreats. One of the more popular techniques is Business Email Compromise (BEC), a cyberattack where hackers use unauthorized email access to gain critical information or finances.

  • BEC losses hit an unprecedented high in 2022, amounting to $2.7B.
  • On average, victims were defrauded of $124,000 per BEC incident.
  • Losses from BEC are 80 times higher than losses suffered from Ransomware attacks.

The Human Factor

Cybersecurity isn’t just about machines and systems; it’s about people. Approximately 82% of incidents involve a human element, requiring individuals to click on malicious links, enter passwords, or interact with harmful attachments. This emphasizes the need for SMBs to have advanced protection against these malicious URLs and attachments.

Get Ahead of the Sting

Stay on top of cyber threats with an email security solution offering comprehensive and affordable threat protection:

  • Deep analysis of multiple message attributes to detect and halt Business Email Compromise (BEC) tactics before they infiltrate
  • The same AI-powered detection technology that protects 75% of Fortune 100 companies
  • Seamless integrations with Microsoft 365 to minimize operational disruptions and reduce administrative workload

Email is essential for business, yet a prime target for cyber threats. Trust Global CTI’s experts to safeguard your business. Contact us for peace of mind and enhanced security at 800-366-1711 or

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