The User Experience – Maximizing Efficiencies

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The User Experience is an often overlooked factor when implementing a new process or platform within an organization. Unfortunately, the two most scrutinized details are: can this do what it is supposed to do and how much does it cost? Many applications and programs do the same thing – if capability and cost were the only factors we’d all be using excel spreadsheets to do much of our work since it too can organize contacts, input results, and collate important data in your business. The reason we don’t just use Excel for everything is because user experiences are not “one size fits all” and flexibility and ease of use can make to break the adoption of a new process.


User Experience of your applies to all your Processes

Smashing Magazine has a great article on User Experience Design as it relates to websites and web applications. The user experience goes beyond just websites though, as many technology are managed in the cloud through a web browser interface. The user experience is an important aspect of any solution that you’ll implement. UX research experts make use of different methodologies such as card sorting, tree tests, and other time-tested research techniques. Since card sorting tools are available on some optimal workshop alternative platforms, user researchers can improve the UX of a product, website, app, or prototype. It doesn’t matter what type of functionality a solution provides if it cannot be utilized efficiently. Otherwise, a user may never make use of that functionality. That‘s why Global CTI focuses not only on best practices but the user experience. The ideal system is one that is easy to deploy, use, and manage.

What’s Your Experience?

What sort of user experiences are your systems providing? Be it collaboration, customer service, WiFi, security or networking – the user experience is critical. Contact Global CTI if you’d interested in improving your user experience, for your customers or employees.

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