Top 3 Reasons Why HP Networking is a Simple Solution with ShoreTel

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HP networking provides a single point of contact to plan and implement server, storage, networking, and computing solutions. Along with this, HP offers one of the best methods of supporting virtualized environments that allow the deployment of ShoreTel on VMWare by delivering an exceedingly dependable operation of key roles while at the same time upholding resiliency with ShoreTel’s distributed architecture at remote locations.

For these reasons, HP networking helps provide the best structure to support a UC solution for your company when partnered with ShoreTel. However, if you still need convincing, then look at a few more reasons why HP and ShoreTel work so well together.

1. Designing and instigating principle-based solutions are based upon network realities and trends.

Make sure that your merchant is having honest discussions with you about how BYOD solutions are changing everything, and how changing traffic designs diminish the need for traditional 3-tier networking to support more East-West traffic flow. Only some of these trends favor greater vendor revenue. HP believes that being up front with clients is the answer to building strong networks that last years.

2. Customers can drive procurement costs to market-appropriate levels by introducing HP as a 2nd vendor strategy.

Gartner states “Introducing a second networking vendor will reduce total cost of ownership for most organizations by at least 15% to 25% over a five-year time frame.”

3. Availability of resources.  

Access to a large community of qualified HP Networks partners who can design and install high-quality networks, but also bring valuable resources which can help customers navigate multi-vendor integration and while maintaining sustainable network growth.

Check out more reasons why HP networking in partnership with ShoreTel can help your company today. Contact us at 1-800-366-1711.

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