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Videoconferencing Made Easy

Videoconferencing is the new way to expand your business by meeting with clients and other companies that you normally wouldn’t have in-person access to. Used by educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies, alike, videoconferencing is just one aspect of unified communications and what it can do for your company. As a ShoreTel Partner, Global CTI allows your company to easily integrate VoIP telephony, instant messaging, videoconferencing, mobility, presence, and collaboration capabilities, into a smooth and harmonious business environment.

Also, ShoreTel’s purpose-built IP architecture doesn’t put unnecessary burden on IT resources, because their on-site business VoIP phone system looks and acts like a single, unified platform. IT staff are able to maintain the system from any point on the network. This ensures that your systems will remain stable and reliable, so interrupted connections are rare. It also saves your company money, because of the reduced need for an extensive IT staff.

ShoreTel’s conferencing and collaboration software is entirely integrated in the ShoreTel Service Appliance. This means that arranging ShoreTel Conferencing only requires adding the appliance to the VoIP network. From there, the ShoreTel system automatically recognizes and configures it. Full access to conferencing and collaboration services can be accessed almost instantly. If you want to learn more please contact us today at 1-800-366-1711.