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Tips For Improving Contact Center Management

Contact centers are at the heart of customer satisfaction. Effectively managing these vital customer interactions can be a game changer in terms of revenue and brand loyalty. By offering superior, personalized and flexible customer experiences, you ensure the best for both your business and your customers.


If a network is down or unstable and customers can’t reach your representatives, they may go elsewhere.

Study the real total cost of ownership (TCO) before you put a system in place. Integrating business applications and customer relationship management (CRM) is smart for customers and smart for your bottom line.

Integrating CRM into your contact center greatly improves the ability to personalize the call for your customers and deliver the best overall experience.

Look for a contact center system that is purpose-built for IP and the changing needs of both your staff and customers.

Go beyond just voice and deliver rich multimedia presentations to potential clients without hassle and include it in the framework of your contact center.

Ensure that the contact center is able to handle the needs of a mobile workforce. The ability to direct a call to the proper person no matter their location can be vital for customer satisfaction and retention.

ShoreTel Contact Center is an all-in-one solution that gives users control and flexibility. Advanced redundancy ensures proper call routing, high network availability and disaster recovery features. Multimedia and outbound features allow for same-server delivery of content to clients, lowering TCO as well as simplifying administrative demands. Integrated CRM allows agents to personalize a call and receive key information about callers. Analytics aids in gaining insight into consumer trends, so your business can react in a timely and appropriate manner. Remote workers also benefit. Calls can be fielded anytime, anywhere.

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