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Understanding each communication scenario in your data environment is critical to creating a functioning and efficient network. With the convergence of Data, Voice, Video, Cybersecurity and collaborative UCaaS applications, peak network performance is vital to the success of your business.

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Today’s business dynamics require more collaboration and communication than ever before. Audiences still expect a seamless experience with your organization, regardless of your internal challenges. This means your team communications platform needs to be accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any device. And like many companies, you need a collaboration tool that works across a multitude of onsite and remote situations. How do you satisfy the demands of your audience, provide your team with agile solutions, unlock your network’s full potential, and still stay on the leading edge of safe, secure, and efficient technology?

We understand your technology options are vast and the vendors many. Trust Global CT to help you navigate all the options and create a highly integrated business network based on your customized performance goals. We deliver world-class products and services, along with world-class customer support to ensure your communication and technology solutions improve connectivity, stabilize networks, keep your people safe, and provide real-time communication. Our team of specialists ensures a vendor-agnostic approach to complex IT solutions and offers objective product recommendations so you can make the best choices for your business. Feel confident and secure, knowing you’ve got a dependable communications partner that delivers whatever you need.

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Success Stories

Citrus College gets back online quickly after

After unexpected flooding damaged Citrus College’s communications infrastructure, Global CTI recovered the school’s phone system fast. See for yourself why Citrus College’s Network Central Computing and Telecommunications Supervisor, Leigh Buckwald says, “Global CTI has been the most efficient and well-organized vendor I have worked with in my 25 years here at Citrus College.”

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in an emergency, seconds count

Emergency Mass Notification System.

Threats can originate from people, acts of nature, or weather. When an emergency occurs, seconds count. ACTIVATE is an emergency notification solution (ENS) that integrates with existing infrastructure to help save lives, powered by the nation’s leading 9-1-1 communications provider.

THE global difference

Business Voice.

We’re living in a globally-connected world where collaboration between your workforce has never been more critical! It’s time to update to a modern phone system with better ROl and more team options.

leave it to the specialists

Managed Data Services.

Every minute you spend managing your IT infrastructure leaves less time to devote to growing your business. Leave your IT needs to the specialists, and leverage all the benefits of a secure managed data solution.

thorough 365 digital protection


Your business is on the line every day. How can you be sure your organization is fully protected from security risks such as ransomware, malware, and data hacks? Global CTI can help you take the power bock.


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For over 30 years, Global CTI has focused our growth in key industry sectors. That has allowed us to become experts at understanding public and private organizations, each of which has specific requirements. Want to know more about our experience in your arena? Click below to learn how we might help your organization.

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