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3 Ways Phone Systems Can Save You Money

When we talk to our customers about upgrading their phone systems, they typically think of a capital expenditure that will get them some jazzy features and enhanced communication.  But rarely do they think of how that enhanced communication will actually save them money in the long run.  Here are three examples of how we have saved our customers money through our thorough discovery process and some creative problem-solving.

  1. A sports medicine clinic in Southern California knew that they wanted a ShoreTel system and all of the cool features and benefits that come with it.  The issue was that they struggled to find a financial justification for purchasing the system.  Our crafty account manager here at Global CTI was able to determine the monthly cost of their phone bills, network connections and services that they were paying to support 5 locations and 300 users.  We also added the cost of the adds, moves and changes for their 12 year old Avaya system.  Lastly, we added a burdened cost of their staff’s time to support and manage the system. The client realized they were paying a total of $19k per month on an outdated phone system!  We developed a streamlined network solution using MPLS and integrated telco services, along with a re-design of their call flow patterns on a new ShoreTel system for all 5 locations.  Utilizing a knowledgeable partner to leverage a fantastic system and its capabilities resulted in a net savings of $9k per month for this client.
  2. A California talent agency was expanding and had hired 3 new employees.  However, they only had the ability to add 1 user to their older Toshiba phone system.  So they were in a bad place with 2 new hires on board who weren’t able to make or receive calls.  Global CTI suggested moving to a cloud solution, and while the logic was there, the issue of what to do with the new employees was still a concern.  So, with the help of Global CTI management, we “loaned” the agency 2 cloud extensions.  In 1 day we had the new employees up and operational during the planning and implementation for the new cloud solution.  Now the client has the capability to scale up new employees in a day or two without concern of significant planning, capital expense or limitations.
  3. A national plumbing company needed a new phone system, but they couldn’t see any significant value in making a large investment that enhanced the way they communicated with their customers and employees.  When we discussed the way they handled incoming calls and observed their call center for a day, we determined that there was some inefficiency as the call center agents had to continually ask what the caller’s phone number was so that they could pull up their account history.  We were able to write a short middleware program that connected the incoming caller ID to their 3rd party CRM so that the caller’s account popped up on the agent’s screen when the call was answered.  The time savings was significant, and allowed the client to re-assign agents to other tasks – ultimately lowering their total employee cost.

Does your voice partner think outside the box to save you time and money like Global CTI?  If not, let’s have a conversation to see if we’re a good fit.