5 Ways VoIP Can Improve Your Business

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VoIP, which is different to SIP (Learn More about why here), has been getting increasingly popular as more companies look to improve their communications and technology. But how can it improve your business?

1. Cutting Costs

Moving to a VoIP system like the PBX Phone System will not only cut your long distance charges, but it will also cut costs associated with network management, upgrades and servicing a traditional telephony system. Many VoIP systems come with online conferencing, video calls and on-the-fly conference bridging. That collaboration can save money otherwise spent on travel for in-person meetings. VoIP also offers online voicemail retrieval.

2. Improve Internal Communications

With a cleaner, faster phone connection, VoIP will improve communications with your customers and give your own staff more ways to stay connected with each other. “Presence” technology will allow employees to check their coworkers’ availability.

3. Business Continuity

A power failure that knocks out your phone system and internet connection can be a huge disruption to business operations. VoIP offers a failover solution where certain extensions can be configured to switch over to cell phones in the event of an emergency.

4. Mobility

Today’s VoIP systems give workers the ability to remain connected while working remotely. With features like call forwarding, Find-Me-Follow-Me, selective ring and voicemail to text translation, employees can maintain a high level of productivity without being chained to their desks. Businesses looking to expand internationally will have to implement methods of translating their materials to accommodate those living in other countries. There is software available for this in the form of Lilt (https://lilt.com/the-technology) which makes use of AI and some of the top translators around the world meaning businesses that are going global shouldn’t have a problem reaching out to a new customer base or new international staff.

5. Simplify Management

By consolidating your data and voice networks, you will save both time and money when it comes to network management. The days of waiting around for your telephone company to send out a crew for basic maintenance or upgrades are over. With hosted VoIP, businesses can easily make changes to their system or add additional users through a centralized web portal.

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