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Why You Should Let Global CTI Explore Your Carrier Options: A Case Study

A long term Global CTI customer in a growth mode with 17 offices over 4 states was juggling 8 individual carriers/providers and 54 separate contracts for services without continuity to technologies, features, billing platforms.  They asked us for help finding a solution that would best fit their needs and provide the most benefit to them.  We did a deep dive discovery using advanced tools and an intimate knowledge of the industry and found out they were being billed for services they no longer used as well as paying upwards of $2.00 a minute for long distance that should be less than a penny a minute.  They had no idea of contract end dates, so they were getting auto renewed on contracts that they were paying way too much for with antiquated technologies and feature sets.

In the end, we not only saved them $8000 a month, but we sync’d up their billing, lined out all of the contracts so they could see everything from a single dashboard, and we migrated them over to  a single platform with built-in disaster recovery that expands and contracts with their needs.  They now have one person to call for all of their telco and carrier needs, so they can do what they do best and leave the details to us.

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