When seconds count, lives could be lost.

It’s unfortunate, but in today’s world schools are vulnerable to a wide range of safety threats. It’s critical to plan, prepare, prevent, protect and recover from emergency situations to ensure your school district is ready, should a disaster strike. Schools and public agencies have traditionally relied on multiple technologies to send mass emergency alerts to their students, faculty, staff, and local authorities using real-time information.

Organizations often need 10 to 30 minutes to coordinate an emergency activation due to the many activation points, distributing information across multiple notification systems like PA systems, computer alerts, phone messages, and others. When seconds count, lives could be lost.


ACTIVATE is a one-touch emergency notification solution that helps you save time and lives during an emergency. Global CTI’s 100% customizable solution launches alerts across multiple notification points from a single point of activation. ACTIVATE is also compatible with over 93% of the PA systems now on the market, which means modernizing your emergency alert system is within your budget and can be implemented quickly

Along with saving valuable time, Activate offers a comprehensive set of tools to help schools and districts prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from almost any kind of safety threat. Global CTI provides an unmatched set of emergency tools to keep your District and Communities protected

  • Secure two way texting with staff. When responding to safety threats, staff have the ability to communicate, no matter where they are.
  • Wellness check notification. Follow up on anyone who is absent or unresponsive with multi-channel, escalating wellness check notifications.
  • Collaborate in real time. Staff can collaborate in real time with 9-1-1 dispatchers, police, fire, and paramedics, sharing important information so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Schedule & manage safety drills. Launch scenarios and have staff run through the response tasks they need to complete on their own mobile devices. Schedule drills for all of campuses easily. Get an at-a-glance view of your progress with dashboard views.
  • Provide a panic button solution. Every staff member has a panic button on their phone that instantly notifies school leaders and first responders when emergencies happen.

Are you concerned about making the right choice in EMNS vendors? Ventura County Community College District went through a rigorous vendor search using a panel of District representatives. Learn why they chose Global CTI as their partner to implement ACTIVATE, our 1-touch emergency mass notification solution

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