Global CTI adds Path Solutions to its solution offerings.

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Nationwide ShoreTel ‘Circle of Excellence’ Voice and Data Solutions Provider Improves Network and VoIP Quality Resolution Times

SANTA CLARA, Calif., September 23, 2011 – PathSolutions, a leading provider of automated network performance monitoring software, announced today that its Total Network Visibility® suite of products was selected by Global CTI to provide leading-edge assessment and monitoring solutions to improve network and voice quality performance and reliability for its enterprise and SMB customers.   The PathSolutions Total Network Visibility® Suite is expected to dramatically improve network and VoIP performance troubleshooting times to their customers.

Global CTI is focused on enabling businesses of any size to seamlessly integrate all communications – voice, data, video, and messaging with their business processes.  Founded in 1982, Global CTI provides business and technical solutions to organizations throughout the greater Southwest region.  The addition of PathSolutions enables Global CTI to strengthen its position as an innovator and to ensure quality service and support.

“Our customers have a high dependence on reliable, stable networks to insure optimal performance for voice, video, and data communications,” stated David Kaiser, Global CTI President. “PathSolutions’ Total Network Visibility® Suite has proven to be the best solution to insuring network and VoIP stability for our entire customer base.  It’s clearly a superior solution due to its rapid deployment and comprehensive coverage.  Engineers are able to pinpoint the exact location and root-cause faults that exist in the network within minutes.  This massive time savings equates to an un-matched ROI in the industry.”

PathSolutions’ Total Network Visibility® suite of products represents a new direction in network performance monitoring by changing how engineering effort is utilized. Its solutions for VoIP and data networks act as the network’s eyes and ears, automatically monitoring the health and performance of every switch, router, server, and link in data or VoIP networks of any size. In addition, PathSolutions’ VoIP Monitor is the only solution that identifies where and why a VoIP call went bad, and then recommends a fix. With PathSolutions’ network performance management solutions, problems are easily identified and quickly diagnosed, allowing customers to deliver superior data, voice and video services across the network.

“We are excited to partner with an established and well-respected provider like Global CTI,” said Tim Titus, CTO of PathSolutions. “It is a company that has a long-term reputation for providing innovation and cutting-edge solutions for its customers. As more applications, such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and video, traverse customer networks, there is an escalating need for efficient monitoring and trouble resolution to ensure that providers continue to satisfy the needs of their customers. The Total Network Visibility® suite gives organizations like Global CTI the necessary resources to easily discover and resolve network issues that impede voice quality and network performance, and keep the infrastructure performing at the highest level.”


About PathSolutions

Based in Santa Clara, California, PathSolutions is a leading provider of automated network intelligence gathering solutions. Through its unique Total Network Visibility™ philosophy, PathSolutions has established a new paradigm in performance monitoring and optimization for IP networks. By using unique technologies that continuously monitor the state of the network, and identify the root causes of network performance issues, PathSolutions software allows customers to quickly resolve any performance issues, maximizing both productivity and efficiency. The company offers its solutions through a network of distribution partners across the globe, and serves customers ranging from small businesses to enterprises. For more information, visit


About Global CTI

Global CTI is a Business Communications Solutions Provider that tirelessly works in the best interest of our clients.  Our solutions are easy to manage, simple to use and they enable organizations of any size to seamlessly integrate all communications – voice, data, video, messaging – with their business processes.  We accomplish this with a world class implementation approach that ensures success and includes ongoing support plans that align to your needs.  Global CTI is headquartered in Bakersfield, California with regional offices in Irvine and Fresno along with virtual sales & engineering offices throughout central and southern California.





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