Novell GroupWise Integration

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GroupWise is a messaging and collaborative software platform from Novell that supports email, calendaring, personal information management, instant messaging, and document management. The platform consists of the client software, which is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and the server software, which is supported on Windows Server, NetWare, and Linux. The latest generation of the platform is GroupWise 2012.


The ShoreTel system can integrate with GroupWise and provide dialing from the Communicator Quick Dialer using MAPI as well as provide voice mail as E-mail using message notification.

MAPI (Messaging Application Program Interface) is a Microsoft Windows program interface that enables you to send e-mail from within a Windows application and attach the document you are working on to the e-mail note. If you need to deploy your own applications within the e-mail or cloud-based sharing system, you may want to check out helpful websites such as to see how it is done. Applications that take advantage of MAPI include word processors, spreadsheets, and graphics applications. MAPI-compatible applications typically include a Send Mail or Send in the File pull down menu of the application. Selecting one of these sends a request to a MAPI server.

NOTE – GroupWise does NOT have the same relative integration as Microsoft Outlook with the ShoreTel Communicator and should not be interpreted as such.

Personal Communicator

The Personal Communicator runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems and will work on the same desktop PC that is running the GroupWise software. The Communicator provides the desktop call control, history, voice mail viewer, personal options and address book functions.

Contact Integration

The ShoreTel Personal Communicator is MAPI compliant and can read the GroupWise address books. This allows dialing from the Quick Dialer.

In addition, since the Personal Communicator has the GroupWise contacts through MAPI, inbound calls with Caller ID Number will be matched against the GroupWise contacts and the name will be presented in the Personal Communicator.

In the GroupWise Address Book, you can also right-click and call the contact.


Voicemail can be viewed in the ShoreTel Communicator Voicemail Viewer which is a separate window that is quickly invoked from a message waiting icon in the system tray or the Personal Communicator file menu.

The user can send voice mail to the email address using ShoreTel message notification via SMTP. (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an Internet standard for electronic mail (e-mail) transmission across Internet Protocol (IP))

The message will appear in GroupWise as an E-mail with a WAV file attachment and can be played locally over PC speakers.


The integration with GroupWise has the following limitations relative to the level of integration with Microsoft Outlook.

  • There is no means for scheduled Call Handling Modes using the GroupWise calendar.
  • There is no equivalent of the Outlook voice mail form which allows synchronization between GroupWise and voice mail.
  • There is no inherent ability to do a GroupWise screen pop although it should be possible with some professional services.


ShoreTel does not specifically test and support this level of integration but there are several customers using this integration.

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