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As teams become more mobile, working across multiple locations and in-field environments can be a challenge for real-time communication. In the past, employees needed to carry mobile devices, walkie-talkies, and even car radios to maintain direct-to-report capabilities. Thanks to emerging cloud technology, it’s now possible for employees to stay connected with just one device dependent on WiFi or cellular networks! Push-to-Talk simplifies communication across many industries.  Here’s a quick overview of our partner RingCentral’s solution and basic applications.

RingCentral Push to Talk

Communicate in real-time in a familiar walkie-talkie experience, without carrying bulky devices. RingCentral Push to Talk (PTT) Simplified provides instant, clear, and secure voice communication for teams at the push of a button, turning employee- or company-owned smartphones into a walkie-talkie. Available as a standalone or add on to RingCentral MVP or RingCentral Video Pro/Pro+, it works anywhere with Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Stay heads up and hands-free with RingCentral Push to Talk:

  1. Enabling real time voice. Reach multiple people instantly without having to go through the steps of traditional phone calls.
  2. Worldwide coverage. Connect users wherever they are in the world with internet or cellular service. Calls have never been clearer with superior sound quality.
  3. Secure, clear and persistent voice communications. Securely connect with your team with no worry about interference from outsiders on the same radio frequency.

Relieve device and app fatigue:

  1. Drive ROI and productivity with fewer devices and apps. Built natively in the RingCentral app, users can Push to Talk on personal, work or already procured multi-purpose rugged devices.
  2. Device interoperability. RingCentral Push to Talk is compatible with iOS, Android and multi-modal devices with no special installation needed.
  3. Listen to live communications hands free. Push to Talk offers real-time auto-play even on locked devices.

Say goodbye to administrative burden:

  1. Easy onboarding. Train frontline workers fast with mobile-centric onboarding. Join a channel in just two clicks, it’s that simple.
  2. Simplified management. Add or remove users and manage channels that appear on each device in your organization. Ensure only authorized users have access to sensitive information.
  3. Instant communication made easy. Create channels with up to 200 people. Instant, hands free communication with large teams has never been easier!

Frontline workers use Push to Talk

A mobile workforce requires flexible and reliable communication tools to ensure the best employee/customer experience. Desk-based roles often work directly with desk-less teams in the field, warehouse or exterior facility. Push to Talk allows these various workers to mesh seamlessly and in real time to create an agile, responsive environment.

HEALTHCARE: Push to Talk Healthcare

  •   Patient transfer coordination: Provide instant patient transfer status to reduce delays.
  • Patient diagnosis: Get STAT lab order confirmation from a physician to ensure quick patient diagnosis.
  • Discharge planning: Communicate with case managers to ensure on-time patient discharges.
  • Emergency notifications: Contact the hospital ahead of time for emergency care preparation prior to the patient’s arrival.
  • Field care coordination: Provide real-time care plan updates to the home health care team.





Push to Talk Retail RETAIL:

  • Respond to customers quick: Ask a fulfillment associate on product availability to ensure rapid responses to customers.
  • Inventory management: Communicate inventory levels easily for efficient reordering and stocking of products.
  • Order fulfillment: Connect with warehouse staff in real-time on order status and progress.
  • Broadcast storewide news: Send daily announcements, store specials or urgent information to all store employees.
  • Loss prevention: Quickly report suspicious activity and coordinate efforts to prevent theft





Push to Talk ManufacturingMANUFACTURING:

  • Task assignments and shift scheduling: Assign tasks to floor personnel or send real-time clock in and out updates.
  • Monitoring and tracking: Get real-time updates on production progress without walking across the warehouse.
  • Optimize dispatch operations: Communicate with field workers directly from the dispatch interface.
  • Safety and emergency response: Broadcast for help in case of an emergency, such as machinery issues, a fire or other safety hazard.
  • Prevent distractions: Leave a channel to silence voice messages for enhanced public safety.





Push to Talk applications have many uses in today’s open architecture environments.  Call Global CTI for your custom quote for RingCentral’s Push to Talk service. The product is available as a stand-alone solution, or an add-on to your existing RingCentral MVP or RingCentral Video Pro/Pro+ solution. Ready to talk? Give us a call at 800-366-1711 and connect with our technical staff to discuss your needs.

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