SA-100 Audio Conferencing, Web Conferencing, and Instant Messaging Services

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Service Appliance 100 (SA-100)

The SA-100 is entirely managed from the ShoreWare Director and runs on a Linux operating system.

Its upgrades are accomplished via the network from the Headquarters Server in the same method as the ShoreTel Voice Switches.

The SA-100 is a sealed appliance, optimized for resiliency and security, capable of running services.


  • One SA-100 can support 50 audio conferences, 30 Web, and 500 IM
  • There can be up to a maximum of five SA-100 on a ShoreTel system
  • The SA-100 cannot be daisy chained to create a conference of greater than 50 audio conferences
  • Just as the distributed architecture of ShoreTel system, the SA-100 can also be distributed across the network


Instant Conference – Spontaneous conference that is started in response to an immediate need, rather than scheduled in advance.

Reservation less Conference – A ShoreTel Conference that has no fixed start time or date.

Scheduled Conference – A ShoreTel Conference that is created to occur on a specific date and at a specific time.

ShoreTel Audio Conferencing Service – A ShoreTel service to enable virtual meetings of people in different locations using communication tools to hear and talk with each other.

ShoreTel Conferencing – A Web, Audio or IM virtual meeting. Users require access codes to access the conference. A ShoreTel Conference can be associated to a Microsoft Outlook meeting.

ShoreTel Instant Messaging Service – A ShoreTel service to enable virtual meetings of 2 or more persons to exchange Instant Messages using an Instant Messaging client.

ShoreTel Web Conferencing Service – A ShoreTel service to enable online gatherings of people to present or exchange information using application and/or desktop sharing, or another type of Web tool for presentation sharing.

ShoreTel Audio Conferencing Service

The ShoreTel Audio Conferencing Service offers dial-in, high definition audio conferencing. When combined with ShoreTel IP Phones, including the ShoreTel 655, the

Audio Conferencing Service provides immersive, G.722 audio.

Conferences can be managed via a Telephone User Interface (TUI). This service, like the Web Conferencing Service, supports scheduled and reservation-less conferences. Users can schedule and join a conference from Outlook or from the Conference Web Portal.

ShoreTel Web Conferencing Service

This new service enables the online gathering of people to exchange information using application and/or desktop sharing or another type of web tool for presentation sharing.

It is accessible via 3 User Interfaces (UI):

Conference Viewer: Used by the conference host and participants to see and share applications and presentations.

Conference Web Portal: Used primarily by the host to schedule, start, delete conferences and access their recordings.

Conference Administration Site: Allows an Administrator to configure conference web site parameters, establish default conference parameters and also view and generate web conference reports.

ShoreTel Instant Messaging Service

This service provides the Instant Messaging server to be used with ShoreTel Communicator for Windows and with Apple’s iChat client.

As it is tightly coupled with the ShoreTel Communicator, the user does not have to use an additional login and password to authenticate with the IM service.

Security Considerations

The SA-100 Appliance can be deployed in the DMZ, allowing external participants to access web conferences.

Positioning in the DMZ places the SA-100 in a privileged security position within the customer’s network infrastructure.

The SA-100 features an embedded, customer administered, firewall to control access between unsecure external environments and internal networks.

The appliance is tested with well-known security tools for potential application and network vulnerabilities such as Digital Defense, IBM AppScan and Mu Security. However, proactive security policies and strict management of evolving internet security risks are essential to maintain network security.

Additionally, because security vulnerabilities may be discovered that require immediate resolution, ShoreTel provides upgrades to the appliance software and updates for critical security patches.

If required, these upgrades are independent from the standard release cycle for software upgrades.

Should critical security patches be required to the appliance operating or file systems, a new mini-installer is used to implement immediate fixes to the platform images. This allows the customer’s IT support to quickly protect their networks without having to complete an entire release upgrade. Hotfixes or patches to the appliance application images will continue to be addressed via the traditional process of incorporating these into the next build or release.


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