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ShoreTel Communicator for MAC


ShoreTel 11 introduced ShoreTel Communicator for Web, offering Mac users the opportunity to use Communicator via a web browser, but not in a native Mac application.

ShoreTel 12 introduces the ShoreTel Communicator for Mac.

mac1Feature Description

Communicator for Mac is a native Mac OS X application, which offers the features available through the Communicator for Web, plus additional Mac specific features.

  • ShoreTel Communicator for Web Features
  • ShoreTel Communicator for Web provides options for controlling the following:
  • Visual Call Control
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Call handling mode
  • Call handling mode settings
  • Voice mail notification delivery settings
  • Find Me settings
  • External Assignment settings
  • Passwords for ShoreTel Communicator and voice mail


For specific details on the use of these features, please review the ShoreTel Communicator for Web User Guide.

  • ShoreTel Communicator for Mac specific features
  • Dial contacts directly from Mac Address Book
  • Import contacts from Mac Address Book
  • Allows dialing from many applications using Mac OS X services
  • Can be kept in Dock and opened at startup like any Mac application.
  • Dock icon displays a Badge with missed call and unheard voicemail counts
  • Background notifications of incoming calls and voicemails

MAC OS X Software Requirements

ShoreTel Communicator for Mac is supported on Mac OS X 10.6.4 and higher