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ShoreTel SBE VMware vSphere

ShoreTel 12. Introduced support for Small Business Edition (SBE): VMware vSphere

SBE Enhancements

  • ShoreTel system type (SBE or EE) is displayed in Director on Navigation panel and Licenses page.
  • External SIP FAX servers can be configured in Director.
  • SBE is validated on VWware with WS 2008 R2 64-bit

NOTE This enhancement is for customers providing their own servers. It does not apply to SBE servers included in SBE bundles.

For information on running SBE on VMware with WS 2008 R2 64-bit, see the ShoreTel Planning and Installation Guide.

SBE Clarifications:

  • SBE does not support DVS, SMDI, AMIS, QSIG, or on-net dialing.
  • SBE reports should be run outside of normal business hours.
  • SBE is available on a ShoreTel server or a Customer server

NOTE Server supplied by customer must meet SBE server requirements.

  • SBE can be upgraded to Enterprise Edition (EE)
  • SBE server VMware support
  • SBE features and capabilities are documented
  • SBE multi-site configuration support

SBE Server VMware Support

SBE server software can run in a virtualized environment.