ShoreTel Softphone FAQ

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GCTI Weekly Factoid – ShoreTel Softphone requires IP Resources

The ShoreTel Softphone application associated with the ShoreTel Communicator requires ShoreGear switch IP resources. When designing and sizing a ShoreTel system with users that will be utilizing softphones, ShoreGear switch resources must be made available. Failure to ensure IP resources are available will result in the Softphone unusable.

Users that utilize a IP phone and switch to the softphone client will use the IP resources that were allocated to their IP telephone. Remote users utilizing the softphone only will always require ShoreGear switch IP resources. System design and sizing for these resources need to be taken into consideration.

ShoreTel Softphone FAQ

Q: What protocol do Softphones use?

A: MGCP, softphone is a MGCP endpoint


Q: Do softphones talk directly to each other if one user calls another user or does this need to go through the server or ShoreGear switch?

A: ShoreGear switch handles call signaling. It works the same as the IP MGCP phones.


Q: If media encryption is enabled on the system, does this apply to softphones?

A: No.


Q: If a server went offline would that take down all the softphone calls it was handling too?

A: Call Manager terminates the calls in Softphone if the server goes offline.


Q: If there are two servers at a site, will they both take some of the softphone load? Automatically or manually? I.e. Will it load balance softphones?

A: Softhphone is loaded in the same server that its Call Manager resides. ShoreGear switch resources is picked to host softphones based on load balance method.


Q: Do softphones work in workgroup environments?

A: Yes.


Q: Is the softphone application available with the MAC Communicator?

A: No, presently as of Release 12.2 the Mac Communicator does NOT support the softphone application. (Windows Communicator only)


Q: Can the softphone ring on the computer speakers more than one ring announcement?

A: By design, the softphone only rings once. However a custom sound audio file can be set under Options for the call types. The audio file will play through and may require the user to mute the speakers when answering the caller. (Audio file will play until the end)


(Today’s weekly factoid was submitted by Damian Galindo)

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