ShoreTel Workgroup Queue Handling – Estimated Wait Time

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ShoreTel Workgroup Queue Handling – Estimated Wait Time

ShoreTel Workgroup Queue Handling lets you enable the feature to play an announcement to the callers of how much time is left in queue.

This is a simple checkbox in the Queuing steps of the Workgroup. “Announce Estimated Wait Time” (See below)


The Estimated Wait Time is a moving average based on the duration of the previous calls and rounded to the minute.

It is calculated as:

Average wait seconds = ((“Average wait seconds” * 9) + “New wait time”) / 10

Where the “New wait time” is the time it took the last call to get to an agent.

The wait time that is spoken to the caller is:

Spoken wait time = “Position in queue” * “Average wait seconds”


This means the wait time is based on a rolling weighted average of previous calls.

After 10 calls, 61% of the time is based on the 10 most recent calls.

After 20 calls, 86% of the time is based on the last 20 calls.

The wait time may be inaccurate with a low call volumes.


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