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Business Voice

Reliable connectivity is crucial when doing business in a fast-changing world that may include a remote workforce, on-site staff, multiple brick and mortar locations, and even virtual environments. It can be challenging to ensure your voice applications and the network powering them are optimized to meet the demands of your team now, while still supporting your company’s continuing evolution and growth.

Whether you are looking for voice lines, internet service, or thinking about moving business applications to the cloud, Global CTI delivers the knowledge and tools required to support your operational choices. We understand that every customer has a unique set of needs, goals, and even legal requirements. Global CTI specialists are trained to take an agnostic approach when it comes to screening and selecting the best solutions based on those unique-to-you objectives.

Benefits of Global CTI collaborative solutions:
• Evolve with the rapid pace of changing technology
• Maximize your bandwidth speed and business connectivity
• Improve productivity with fast, dependable voice, high-speed internet, and cloud solutions
• Coordinate and manage carrier relationships between your providers quickly
• Rely on a dependable partner to work with your selected carrier throughout your relationship

Business Voice

Our solutions ensure your voice applications and the network powering it are optimized for reliability, flexibility and growth.


  • Is your current phone system unsupported?
  • Are you unsure of whom your current vendor is on your inherited system?
  • Are you having daily headaches trying to keep everyone connected across your sites and systems?

Our premise (on-site), cloud or hybrid business voice solutions can help with all of that.

On Site


Fix less, do more.

If you’re wasting hours fixing outdated phone hardware, it might be time for a modern on site phone system with better ROI and more options. Our on site phone systems offer IM, mobility, video and collaboration with push button convenience and bottom line profitability.



Work weightless.

Take the burden of owning, configuring and managing your phone system off your shoulders and put it onto ours. We’ll free your phones with a brilliantly simple cloud phone solution that makes you love your phone again. Access remote sites easily, connect mobile workers seamlessly, and upgrade phones across your locations with no capital outlay.



Get a solution tailored for you.

Business doesn’t fit in a box; neither should your phone system. The way you work and the nature of your business may require a hybrid phone system solution. Global CTI allows you to utilize Cloud where it makes sense and On-Site where it makes sense while interconnecting all systems, seamlessly.

Unified Communications + Collaboration = Total Communication

Work better, together.

In today’s world of almost instant access to information it is no secret that there is a need for communication among customers, colleagues, and partners. These stakeholders may be in groups, alone, dispersed geographically, or all of the above. Collaboration integrates voice, video, instant messaging, and web conferencing into everyday communications along with enabling all of these technologies to be used via mobile user devices like smart phones and tablets. This enables your organization to expand their market reach, improve operational effectiveness, and speed decision making.

Across time and space, our collaboration solutions make meetings worth having. Share and edit documents virtually in real time, in one window; experience complete command of your collaboration activities with solutions that empower operational effectiveness and innovation. Let us show you how to put mobile UC on employee devices and communicate everywhere on everything with phenomenal convenience.


Carrier Network

Whether you are looking for voice lines, internet service or thinking about moving your business applications to the cloud, we can help. Global CTI is your one-stop for all voice, web, internet and cloud services.

Choose from a wide selection of voice and cloud services for local and multiple locations. Whatever the need, we’ll offer you the solution that best fits your needs.


  • Keep up with the rapid pace of technology
  • Maximize your bandwidth speed and business connectivity
  • Improve productivity with fast, dependable voice, high-speed internet and cloud services
  • Coordination and management of your carrier relationship between your providers
  • Trusted network partner working with your selected carrier through all aspects of service

Work at the speed of opportunity.

Customers aren’t the only ones who expect continuous connectivity; employees want to work anywhere, anytime. We help you satisfy everyone’s demands with mobile solutions that keep you and your customers connected everywhere you are.

Companies with effective BYOD policies and tools have the advantage in terms of recruiting and employee retention. Corporate culture is clearly enhanced by empowering employees to innovate in their environment. We”ll help you embrace personal devices in the workplace, while maintaining control and protecting business information.

Are you a ShoreTel/Mitel 14.2 Phone System Owner?

Recent Microsoft Announcements mean significant security and operational hazards to your communications platform.

  • Internet Explorer is being retired in June 2022
  • Windows 2008 Server has reached end of life
  • ShoreTel/Mitel 14.2 system has no support or admin. capabilities going forward

Your current phone system has given you many years of service. Unfortunately, with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer being rendered non-functional, administrative access to ShoreTel/Mitel 14.2 systems is eliminated, leaving your system vulnerable and unsupported.

We value our business relationship and feel it’s important to address these concerns now in order to keep your business communications stable and functional. There are several options to consider as you evolve to the next level in your communications planning.

Your Global CTI account manager will contact you to discuss options specific to your current system – or feel free to give our Customer Care Department a call to learn more.