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Contact Center


Can your clients communicate with you where and how they want? Phone, email, website, chat, social media. The contact center is your central point of contact with your customers.


Contact Center

The competition for your customers is fierce. Your competitors are trying to take your customer right now and they will leave you if they can’t get to the right person at the right time who can resolve their needs. Customer interactions can make or break your bottom line and you must give your customers the ability to communicate with you in the way they like to communicate. The organizations that interact with their customers with tools that fit the lifestyle and needs of the customer will win.

What communications technology allows your resources to effectively manage internal and external interactions seamlessly without regard to location or presence? How you respond to this question indicates the health of your customer interactions. It should be a technology that allows all the assets and resources of the company to contribute to acquiring and to retaining your customers.

Just as military commanders need visibility to what is happening on the ground, in the air, on the sea and under the water, so do business leaders who fight the daily battles of competition. You need a command and control center that gives you a unified view of your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

  • Increase your ability to respond
  • Measure performance
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Increase management effectiveness
  • Develop customer loyalty


Enhanced Applications

Global CTI can customize your Enterprise Contact Center to meet your unique business and operational requirements. Using advanced data source integration and custom scripting capabilities, our team can transform your call center into a finely tuned, intelligent, automated, reliable and responsive contact center operation with clear visibility into ongoing operations and the current status of both callers and agents. Below is an overview of the customized integrations we can perform using Shoretel’s Enterprise Contact Center in your call center. Contact us today to find out how to get the most out of your ShoreTel ECC investment.

Contact Center Assessment, Workforce Optimization and Consultation

Global CTI’s Contact Center Architects are experts in the Contact Center space and specialize in understand industry best practices and solutions to obtain optimal performance in the Contact Center as it relates to handling incoming traffic and utilization of the Contact Center Workforce.

Global CTI’s Contact Center Architects will perform a deep dive into a client’s current business model, call flow, metrics and goals of the client’s current Contact Center. From the deep dive, the Contact Center Architect will generate and provide an extensive document set of the current environment, along with recommendations and solutions to increase and optimize the Call Center.

Custom Incoming Routing Solutions

Global CTI can deliver Custom Incoming Routing Solutions for your business needs to help improve efficiencies, customer service and specialized treatment of your client’s calls, emails and interactions when they’re attempting to reach your company. Global CTI can integrate your ShoreTel ECC Solution with your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to route calls, emails and interactions to assigned representatives, by territory, by product line and at the same time, screen pop your client’s information to your agents to create a personal experience for your clients.


  • Specialized Incoming Routing by Caller ID. If your client belongs to a specific Account Manager, their calls can be routed directly to their assigned Account Managers Personal Agent Queue and then overflowed to a group of Account Managers if their assigned Account Manager is on the phone or not available.
  • Specialized Incoming Routing by Caller Input. Prompt your client for their Account Number, Case Number, Ticket Number or Claim Number and then by database integration we look up the Account Number and route your client’s incoming call based on metrics provided in your CRM.
  • Customer Screen Pop. When your clients call in, during our database integration, we’re able to send executable commands to your CRM so when an agent answers a client’s call, the agent will automatically have client information present on their computer.
  • Specialized Incoming Email Routing. When a client emails your Customer Service, Technical Support or Sales department, these emails can be treated and routing to specific agents intelligently by taking the email account domain and then by database integration we look up the email account domain and route this email based in metrics in your CRM.

Custom Outbound Calling Campaign Solutions

Global CTI can deliver automated Custom Outbound Calling Campaign Solutions to increase revenue, client contact rate and assist with marketing efforts in delivering information and reminders to your current and prospect clients.


  • Outbound Appointment Reminders. Daily, Weekly or Monthly Outbound Dial List can be configured to call clients to remind them of upcoming appointments and at the same time allow your clients to talk with an agent live to confirm, reschedule or cancel accordingly. These Outbound Reminders can be configured multi-lingual, set to start on or off hours and can be blended into your inbound calling traffic patterns.
  • Outbound Payment Inquiry. Outbound Dial List can be configured and integrated with your Accounting Systems, to generate outbound calls to clients on past due AR reports and upon reaching this client, self-service options can be offered to pay balances via credit card over the phone or an option to talk to a live agent to process the payment.
  • Outbound Marketing. Outbound Dial List can be configured to provide informational, reminders and content information to current and prospective customers.

Custom Business Applications

Global CTI can create custom applications along with your ShoreTel Contact Center Solution to provide additional tools to your Contact Center agents and supervisors.


  • Agent Alert Notification. This application provides visual alert notice to any Contact Center Agent if their login status on the system is anything other than Available or On an Active Call. This is a pop-up alert that will alert both visual as well as audible notification via the agents PC speakers.
  • Agent Availability Application. This application can provide to agents, at a click of the button, real-time custom statistical information via a dashboard to provide the agent performance and goal metrics.

Self-Service IVR Solutions

Global CTI can provide custom Self Service IVR Solutions to increase productivity, reduce manpower needs if calls can be handled in an automated fashion.


  • Automated Payment Processing. This inbound IVR will allow customers to process payments, retrieve amounts due and balances by inputting required information via dial pad of their telephone.
  • Automated Account Status. This inbound IVR will allow customers to retrieve account information such as claims status, medical authorizations, credit status and denials.
  • Automated Time Clock. This inbound IVR application can allow employees to clock in and clock out via the telephone. Security measures can be put in place to require passwords and real-time and historical reporting can be created to validate payroll submissions.

Custom Reporting Applications

To enhance and supplement the inherent reporting capabilities of you ShoreTel Contact Center reports, Global CTI is able to integrate non-ShoreTel Contact Center metrics into a single report which could include phone statistics along with revenue bookings, sales numbers, etc.


  • Agent Info. This custom report can provide detailed real-time information to the agent to include Call information, Customer information and any information gathered from the client upon calling in.
  • Agent Performance Dashboard. This dashboard can provide detailed real-time information to agents to include statistical information related to calls as well as real-time numbers from other systems and databases such as Sales booking or revenue.
  • Custom Agent Dashboard. This application can provide agents real-time statistics as well as a relation to the contact centers average statistics. This can provide real-time feedback to agents on where they stand in the rankings of other agents in the Contact Center or other agents in their respective groups.