The Bridge Bible Church Found an AMIGO in Global CTI

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My name is Bill Darbee and I am the Facilities/Operations Director at the Bridge Bible Church. I started this job about one year ago and part of my duties is to manage the IT/Communications for our two campuses. My predecessor had established service with several local vendors. Upon learning more of our system and the concerns of our employees, it was clear that some adjustments needed to be made. Some technical services were not operating the way they should have regarding IT and phone systems communicating properly. Although there were a couple solutions that were proposed by the existing companies, my bigger concern was the communication between the providers when something malfunctioned.

Without going into great detail of the specific issues, the solutions were going to cost several thousand dollars and we were about to cancel our use of Shoretel phones that we had paid significantly for. We would have then needed to raise plenty of money to help rebuild our systems, be it by using the online platforms (which can playfully be seen if you look here) or by other means. Fortuitously, Ryan Malpiede from Global CTI had come by and requested to speak with me regarding our communication needs. He was told of a few concerns staff had and was told we may be getting rid of the Shoretel phones. He urged office staff to convey the message to meet with Global CTI before making that decision, as he felt it may not be the Shoretel phones.

My first meeting with Ryan and his team was great. They quickly realized how new I was with this technology and how ill informed I was. He respectfully guided me through the process and how communications systems work. He provided options in clear detail and provided me the information I needed to convey to my staff administration to make a conscientious decision. There was no pressure from Global CTI, as it appeared they were confident in their product and service.

The transition of services from our earlier communication company to Global CTI was very easy and efficient. Since the transition, there have been IT/Comm issues, none of which have been Global CTI fault, but Global CTI takes the ball and gets it rolling when fixes are needed. They have been prompt, professional, and willing to go the extra mile, even when they could easily say the issues are not their fault and pass the buck.

Since we partnered with Global CTI for our phone system, we have also contracted with them for the management of our data network. AMIGO Data by Global CTI is a great fit for us, and the AMIGO team has made the transition seamless and easy.

Our experience has been very positive and I am thankful Ryan and Global CTI came by that day to talk to us. It was perfect timing and we definitely were rewarded with their service and product. I would recommend Global CTI to any organization looking for help with their phone and data networks.


Bill Darbee

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