The Connection Between Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction

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happy-employees2Our customers are the most important part of what we do. Organizations center around serving their customers and providing the best product and/or service. These are the things that keep customers coming back and helps build loyalty. There are many other important aspects to running an organization, but when it comes to customer satisfaction, the next most important aspect of our organizations are our employees, and research supports that the happier they are, the happier our customers tend to be.

There is a lot of value gained from happier employees, Harvard Business Review reviewed other studies on the topic and those studies showed an average of 31% higher productivity, 37% higher sales, with creativity three times higher. It isn’t easy to keep your employees happy though, we’re human after all. One of the ways to help keep employees happy is to improve and simplify the processes in which they are a part of. Streamlining a process can go a long ways in improving the quality of their work life, as nothing is more frustrating than having a convoluted process that requires several steps and manual input from an employee. Another way to gain employee satisfaction, in order to improve productivity, is through an employee program. These programs give employees an incentive to work harder and therefore not only bettering your business but also, increasing the happiness of your staff. Many people want to get into jobs that offer this kind of program, with many north carolina professional resume writing companies aiming to write resumes that get clients into jobs where their employee safety is looked after and their engagement is encouraged. Employee programs like an expansion of job benefits, strengthening employee relationships, focusing on employee engagement, etc., could go a long way in helping your employees and in turn, your customers. Employee engagement could be team-building exercises like ice breaker questions, solving puzzles, etc., that can alleviate your team’s motivation levels.


So employees are more productive when happy, how does it connect with customer satisfaction?

The Journal of Occupational and Organization Psychology put out an article related to this. It is easy to see that there is a correlation between the happiness of an employee, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction with other outcomes, but there is research that suggests there is causality as well. Does success make employees happy, or does happiness lead to success? Research suggests that in a one year period both seem to have an effect on each other, however, when you look at a 2-3 year timeframe, there was only correlation in the direction of employee engagement coming before business outcomes.

Happiness and Technology

There are many ways technology can improve customer and employee satisfaction and this includes using something like’s Portal Beam to control light, temperature, air quality, and a variety of other factors in the building. Global CTI’s experience and expertise in collaboration, customer service, WiFi, security, and networking can help make your company’s experience, inside and out, a happy one, for both your customers and employees. Contact Global CTI to help get you started on the process of making your customers and employees happier.

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