VoIP Telephony Top 10 in 2023

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 VoIP telephony (voice over internet protocol) is fast becoming the preferred communications solution compared to traditional phone systems. While some might choose a softphone, the software desktop phone that can be installed on a laptop, desktop or mobile to make phones over the internet, investing in dedicated hardware is also beneficial. But the market is rich in choice, and with so many VoIP desk and office phone options available, it’s important to establish the features and functions that are essential to your unique business goals. So, we’ve put together a list of our VoIP Telephony Top 10 in 2023 phone choices to help you identify your needs, and choose the right VoIP phones for you and your team.


What to Look For in VoIP Business Phones

Before we launch into VoIP Telephony Top 10 in 2023, it’s worth examining your requirements so that you can effectively evaluate all the possible options.

With a VoIP phone system, you’ll benefit from several functions that wouldn’t be available with a traditional landline phone. For example, advanced call handling or video conferencing might be possible depending on your phone system. But it’s important to establish the functionality you and your team need; otherwise, it’s easy to waste time and money installing an elaborate phone system with features you don’t even need.

On the other hand, it’s important to be aware of the traits you might need in a phone system as your team grows. While you’re predicting and anticipating the key characteristics you might need in a VoIP phone, there are a few essentials you might want to look out for, such as the following:

1. Price

It’s often number one on the list, as businesses want to ensure their phone choice supports their ROI, as with any other investment. Your phone choice needs to fit within your business’s budget and offer the functionality to help you reach your business goals. There’s no need to pay for excessive bells and whistles if you need the basic functionality of VoIP calls, so when comparing your options, it’s important to think of value rather than the cost to ensure you make the right choice.

2. Audio Quality & Reliability

It’s worth remembering that it’s not just your connectivity that could impact the quality of your phone calls. For most modern businesses, call quality should be a non-negotiable, so choosing a phone system built with audio clarity and quality at the core is key. Ideally, look for a phone model that offers HD voice quality and a service level agreement (SLA) that gives you real peace of mind regarding your phone system’s reliability.

3. Connectivity

VoIP telephony helps you benefit from the enhanced connectivity of the modern working world. That means connectivity should be a key consideration when choosing a phone system for your business. Phones that offer Wi-Fi connectivity will come in very handy, regardless of your other requirements, especially if you are looking for a cordless phone model to replace old corded handsets, which won’t require you to link them up to your router via ethernet. Likewise, VoIP phones with built-in Bluetooth capabilities may also be an advantage, as your users can use hands-free headsets and will benefit from a mobile device in a physical desk phone.

4. VoIP Phones – Hardware Features & Functionality

As we mentioned, it’s important to assess the core functions you’ll need in a VoIP phone and those you may require as your business grows. The best VoIP phones should offer you much more capabilities than a traditional office desk phone. For example, you might want to be able to route or block calls, or you might want to hold conference calls or video meetings with your chosen hardware. HD video might be essential for your team now, or it might still be a nice-to-have bonus feature, but as internet connectivity becomes ever more reliable, video compatibility is something you may want to consider.

5. VoIP Service Compatibility

For the most part, modern VoIP phones are compatible with all VoIP software. However, it’s important to check whether your VoIP provider requires or favors certain models of phones. Choosing a phone model that’s compatible with your service provider will mean you can benefit from the full selection of capabilities that VoIP telephony offers, with the reliability of a full VoIP ecosystem.


A Review of the 10 Best IP Phones on the Market

Not every VoIP phone option will be the right choice for your business. Each organization has a different set of unique goals, and therefore varying priorities for their phone systems. Some might prioritize hardware that physically plugs into the network, while others may look for something more mobile, or similar to a smartphone for more flexible use.

The following 10 phones are our top VoIP phone models on the market. Choose one of these for your business and you’ll be sure to reap the rewards of a feature-rich and reliable VoIP phone system. Let’s take a deep dive and review the 10 best VoIP phones.

1. Polycom VVX 450

The Poly VVX 450 is a premium VoIP phone option. The model gives any business all the features and functions it could need. The phone allows up to 12-line appearances and has an impressive 4.3” color backlit display. Ideal for high call-volume handlers, you get HD voice quality as standard. The phone also has intuitive visual features, including four context-sensitive soft keys.

Key features

  • 4.3” colour backlit display
  • 12 line keys
  • Four softkeys
  • One USB port (side)
  • Share a single network connection with your phone and PC using the integrated two-port Gigabit Ethernet switch
  • Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
  • Call forwarding enabled

2. Yealink T57W

If you’re looking for the best VoIP phone, whatever the price, the Yealink T57W may well be the model for you. This high-end option packs in every conceivable feature and function, including both HD voice and video. Video conferencing with this phone is a joy. The 7” color touch display screen has an impressive resolution of 800×480 pixels.

Key features

  • Modern look and design ideal for open space work environments
  • 7” 800×480 pixel colour touch display, fully adjustable
  • HD Voice with Yealink Acoustic Shield technology
  • Acoustic shield to improve background noise suppression
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.2
  • Built-in dual-band 2.4G/5G WiFi
  • Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE)

3. Grandstream GXP 2170

Grandstream describes the GXP 2170 as their ‘most powerful High-End IP Phone’. The model is great for any small business that deals with significant call volumes or multiple phone numbers. It supports 12 lines, has HD audio quality, and Bluetooth connectivity. A 4.3” color LCD and 44 programmable soft keys make it possible to customize the unit to suit any system. That’s all from a phone which is competitively priced compared to some of the other VoIP phones on this list.

Key Features

  • 4.3” LCD display and 44 programmable softkeys
  • HD voice quality
  • Integrated Bluetooth

4. Yealink SIP-T19P E2

If the price is a primary motivation, then the Yealink SIP-T19P is probably the phone for you. The SIP-T19P only has one line, so it isn’t suitable for a business that gets a high number of calls or with a complicated PBX telephone system. Some of the phone features include a sharp 2.3” black and white display and it can support headsets if needed. It also offers three-way conferencing, SMS, and call hold, meaning it still has much more functionality than a traditional landline. The Yealink SIP-T19P is an entry-level VoIP phone. When comparing the price to features, it is the best budget VoIP phone on this list.

Key Features

  • The affordable, entry-level phone
  • Five lines black and white LCD display
  • Three-way conferencing
  • Call hold, SMS and anonymous calling

5. Polycom VVX 301

One of the lowest-priced VoIP phones with HD voice, the Polycom VVX 301 is great if you’re looking for value for money. As well as its HD audio, the phone boasts six lines and all the basic call functions of a modern phone. The unit’s 12 hard keys broadly control those functions, but there is also a small backlit display. The VVX 301 doesn’t allow for video calling or Bluetooth connectivity, meaning staff may need to supplement it with laptops or mobile phones. It is, however, a reliable entry-level option for small businesses.

Key Features

  • HD voice
  • Six lines or speed dial keys
  • Backlit 208 x 104-pixel display

6. Yealink SIP-T21P E2

Another entry-level VoIP phone, the Yealink SIP-T21P E2 is a step up from the T21P. This model offers a great value IP solution, excellent functionality, a 5-line data display, HD voice characteristics and a mountable wall stand. The phone accommodates two VoIP accounts and boasts PoE technology. That means there’s no need to connect an additional power supply. The phone also supports HD voice.

Key Features

  • Supports three-way audio conferencing
  • HD voice characteristics
  • PoE technology
  • 132 x 64 pixel display

7. Grandstream GXV3370

You only have to look at the Grandstream GXV 3370 to see that it’s a cutting-edge, feature-rich IP phone. With an Android-based system, the phone can access Android apps on top of the inbuilt functionality. The GXV3370 has a 7” touchscreen and a built-in megapixel camera, which makes it ideal for real-time video conferencing. It also offers 16 lines for up to 16 SIP accounts and integrated Bluetooth. The speakerphone function with HD acoustic chamber makes this suitable for anyone looking for a VoIP phone with video conferencing and voice functionality.

Key features

  • 7’’ (1024×600) capacitive 5-point touch screen TFT LCD
  • Built-in megapixel camera for video calling with a privacy shutter
  • Runs on the Android 7.0 operating system
  • 16 SIP accounts
  • HD acoustic chamber

8. Cisco 8861

Convenience and user-friendliness are the prime characteristics of Cisco’s VoIP desk phone models. Built with knowledge workers in mind, the 8861 offers an advanced, feature-rich option to help you support team productivity. OPUS codec support guarantees HD voice and superior sound quality. The VoIP desk phone also features 2 USB ports, in-built Bluetooth and WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet and an intuitive user interface.

Key features

  • Up to ten lines with programmable line keys
  • 5” 800×480 colour, backlit, graphical widescreen display
  • Dedicated RJ-9 headset port
  • Share a single network connection with your phone and PC using the integrated 2-port gigabit Ethernet switch
  • Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) support (Class 4)

9. Unify CP700

The Unify CP700 is a great option for businesses looking for a comprehensive, feature-rich desk phone at a reasonable price. The CP700 offers extended interoperability, an extra-large display, Bluetooth support with two simultaneous audio streams, and an elegant user interface. In addition to a number of enhanced call-handling features, the phone offers the high-quality audio you can expect for busy call handlers.

Key features

  • Color graphical display, 6 line TFT (800*480 pixel), 5’’
  • Notification LED (green, amber, red), visible from the front and behind
  • Six permanent free programmable and six free programmable favorites with LED
  • Seven fixed function keys: menu, presence, voicemail, hold, transfer, conference, and redial
  • 5-way navigation key

10. Cisco SPA 303

The Cisco SPA 303 is the final entry on our list of the best VoIP phones. It’s available for a fraction of the cost of some models listed here. That makes it ideal for small businesses that need something cheap but reliable. Despite its low price point, the SPA 303 supports three phone lines. It also has all the necessary call-handling features you might need. Features include caller ID, hold, and conferencing alternatives. The phone doesn’t offer a great deal else, but plenty of businesses don’t need anything more from their VoIP service and hardware.

Key Features

  • Three SIP lines
  • Caller ID, call hold and conferencing
  • Dual-switched ethernet ports
  • Affordable
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Originally published Dec 01, 2020, updated Jan 16, 2023 by our partners at RingCentral.


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