Webinar: How do I know I’m a Contact Center? | Global CTI

Webinar: How do I know I’m a Contact Center?

Our February 19th, 2015 Global CTI Webinar on the topic of “How do I know I’m a Contact Center?”.

Join our expert, Jenise Anderson, as she guides through the signs that your organization needs Contact Center Technology!

Technology in communications has continued to grow over the years. Most companies don’t know that they could utilize contact center technology to greatly improve the efficiency of their business. Whether it is 5 agents or 500 agents, the routing can be just as complex. Whether you want to send out automated appointment reminders for a doctor’s office or set up automated call-in payment system, you may need contact center technology and not even know it.

Can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_3Tbts895o