Buyers Checklist for Communication Tools

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A Buyers Checklist for Communication Tools

Are you thinking about purchasing a new communication tool and unsure how to get started? We’d like to offer our version of a Buyers Checklist for Communication Tools. Covid created a mad rush for some companies to innovate quickly and get their people connected using whatever tools were at hand to get the job done. Now that our work environments have (somewhat) stabilized, it’s time to re-evaluate those communication tools and look for simpler, streamlined solutions. Consolidating might even save you money!

Instead of having to turn to five different vendors for various communications needs, consider the core functions your communications solution must deliver. Chances are, your team has adapted well to more video conferencing and instant messaging and may need fewer telephony features. There are a multitude of apps supported by leading UCaaS solutions that deliver messaging, video meetings, phone calls, texts, and faxes all within the same communications suite. Here’s a Buyers Checklist for Communication Tools to help you pick the right one for your business.

Is it mobile-friendly?

No business owner or employee wants to feel tied to their desk, especially when remote and hybrid work is on the rise. Make sure your communication tool is mobile-friendly and enables you to manage your business from anywhere.

What to look for:
A switch feature that lets you seamlessly change from desktop to mobile (and vice versa) as you work on the go.

Can it serve multiple needs?

Think about the big picture when investing in a new communication tool. Don’t limit yourself to a tool that only serves one need—this will result in you ending up with multiple tools later down the road, which can become hard to manage and costly. Look out for vendors that can provide one tool to do it all.

What to look for:
Unified solutions that lead the market and serve multiple purposes.

Is it easy to use?

With 83% of workers depending on technology to collaborate, it’s important to keep usability top of mind.1 Don’t stress yourself out, or your employees, with a communication tool that is difficult to use. Find one that is user-friendly and has an engaging interface that makes you and your team want to communicate and collaborate more, not less.

What to look for:
Simplified navigation and an intuitive interface to keep users engaged.

Can you rely on it?

When it comes to communication tools, nothing is worse than investing lots of money in one just to find out that it’s completely unreliable. Save yourself the headache by getting a reliable tool that is rated #1 by industry experts, trusted by other businesses, and has over 99% uptime.

What to look for:
A vendor that provides 24/7 support by phone, chat and email to ensure your tool is always up and running.

Will it increase productivity?

Did you know online communication tools and digital workplaces can provide a 20–30% increase in productivity?2 Find a tool that supports ongoing communication between employees, vendors, and stakeholders. Team members should be able to communicate seamlessly and have a more efficient workflow.

What to look for:
Advanced analytics to increase productivity and sales.

Can it grow with your business?

As your business grows, you want a communication tool that can grow with you. View your communication tool as a long-term investment, not a short-term one. As you grow your team, make sure you can add new hires to your tool in minutes so that they’re instantly up to speed.

What to look for:
Integrations with your existing apps to improve process flows as your business scales.

Will you get support during setup?

Setting up a new communication tool can be daunting, so before you hand over your credit card, find out what the setup process will look like and how much support you’ll get. The vendor you choose should offer more than just a solution—they should be your dedicated partner that is with you every step of the way.

What to look for:
A vendor that offers a support system of experts and resources to ensure your business has a quick and successful deployment.

The last point is easy – partner with Global CTI and receive world-class support using our Harmony solution that includes planning, implementation, and training, plus ongoing system maintenance and 365, 24/7 customer support delivered from our California-based team. We work with most Gartner Magic Quadrant UCaaS providers and take an agnostic approach to which solution is best for your organization based on your needs.  To learn more, visit us at

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