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When an emergency strikes, it pays to have a planned approach to identifying, executing, and recovering from the situation. Global CTI doesn’t just install ACTIVATE EMNS; we help each customer determine the best path forward once an emergency has been resolved.

Local authorities have protocols that will be wrapped into the best practices unique to each location. When Global’s ACTIVATE experts hand the system over to your internal team, your people will have the working knowledge to address emergency situations with speed, agility, and precision.

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Activate emergency notification solution

EMNS Partners for Life

  • Every recommendation is based on NFPA best practices.
  • We are NFPA 3000 (ASHER) Program Specialists
  • Project Managers guide you through a step-by-step process that includes choosing to customize your EMNS system based on your environment and needs.
  • Onsite discovery ensures each of your locations receives the customized coverage you want.
  • Pre-recorded alerts are created at your side.
  • Recommendations are integrated into your Emergency Operations Plan.
  • We create test alarms and give you best practice advice on running test drills.
  • System integration with existing technologies ensures indoors and outdoor spaces are covered.
  • Access Control, Security Cameras, Premise and Cloud based telephone systems, internal and external page horns, Desktop PCs, laptops, monitors or marquees, and mobile devices.
  • Install includes troubleshooting and testing to confirm end points fire simultaneously.
  • Localized user training of the live system is included.
  • Training for IT/Safety staff to administer the EMNS system is included with full post-implementation support included.

The Global ACTIVATE EMNS Support Promise

  • Per campus integration. We work diligently to incorporate your current technology, campus hardware, and your existing emergency operations plan (EOP), with full transparency based on NFPA best practices. This ensures that the ACTIVATE system is seamlessly integrated into your infrastructure and that it can be used effectively to respond to emergencies.
  • Annual onsite health checks/refresher training. Included with every ACTIVATE setup.
  • After Incident Reports. Our team records system activity so we can provide an incident report for each on-site ACTIVATE deployment to help you improve response times and protocols.
  • 24/7 Monitoring/System upgrades. We proactively monitor your system, we’re here for troubleshooting or programming assistance, and we fully vet software upgrades before installation.
  • Full technical training. When the system is ready to launch, each site team will be fully trained by our NFPA 3000 (ASHER) implementation specialists, and comfortable utilizing all system features.
  • Emergency protocols. Global CTI does more than just install the system. We’ll help you determine best practices to initiate, execute and terminate emergency protocols for clear communication.

Global CTI is also available for refresher courses or post-incident evaluations. Just contact your Global technician and request help.

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