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Why Small Businesses Need IT Support

Sometimes IT is treated like secondary concern by small business owners who’ve recently made it through the lean, DIY startup years. They might see IT as an option rather than a necessity. But when the first meltdown occurs, like a server crashing or email going offline, owners begin to realize they need some kind of support. But why go with an IT service like AMIGO?

Having a dedicated team of IT experts watching over a company’s network decreases the likelihood of having another emergency situation arise in the first place. Not only that, but when there is a big problem, knowledgeable IT folk can get you back on track without taking time away from your employees.

Obtaining the best IT support keeps your people doing what you’re paying them to do, and not fiddling with a malfunctioning printer or some software issue for an hour or more. Here’s a quick breakdown of the reasons why small business owners not only need IT support, but how they can use AMIGO to keep people productive and ultimately grow the business.

1. Staying Productive

Trying to solve all operational problems related to your business can be a real setback. With experts dedicated to ensuring that your computers are running properly, people can do their jobs and you won’t have to worry about productivity hitting a wall when something does break.


2. Professional Consultation

Simply put, small businesses who invest in IT and get consultation from experts in the field are more likely to thrive than those that don’t. It’s for this reason that investing in IT support should be a prerequisite for any business, no matter what size. IT solutions for computer software, hardware, and more recent innovations like VoIP phone systems and cloud storage are pretty difficult to understand unless you’re a certified IT technician. But when a company’s only job is IT, there’s nothing more important to them than keeping up with technology. Providing good consultation is what keeps their clients happy, and ultimately helps small businesses grow.


3. Security

Security can be a big problem for many small businesses, largely because hackers know that most companies of this size don’t impose tough security measures. This is usually due to either a lack of knowledge about the threat out there, or because the perceived cost of being protected is too high. And internet bots don’t care how small the business is. They’re just automated hacking programs going through a list. If your server somehow makes it onto that randomly-generate list then the damage caused can be pretty extensive. Being up-to-date with security measures should be a huge priority no matter the size of your business. And again, unless you’re in the IT industry, it’s near impossible to keep up with all the latest preventative measures.

As a small business owner, IT support is an absolute necessity if you want to stay productive and grow your company. Check out this case study and see if AMIGO is right for you.

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